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27 June

vinyl diaries: digging across the pond

Just returned from an amazing trip through parts of Scandinavia and Europe. The main reason for the trip was to participate in two events, the Clandestino Festival in Göteborg, Sweden, and the ACSIS conference in Nörrkoping. One of the things I did on the trip was stop at vinyl stores in each city we visited.

Click here for the page; sorry about the messy HTML but I’m too jet-lagged to fix it anymore.

6 February

breakin’ beats: tables, drums, and shoes

Our experiment in collaborative percussion officially begins on March 19th.  Join DJ Professor Ben, world reknown drummer Bernie Galane, and tapdancer Nicole Embree for a night of improvisation on turntables, drums, and shoes.  Thursday, March 19th at the Stone Bar in Los Angeles.  Come check it out!

6 February

pop @ emp | sfm ftw!

It’s official; professor ben will be kickin beats and knowledge at the annual Pop conference at the Experience Music Project | Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington. I’ll be joined by fellow artists/appropriationists TradeMark G of the Evolution Control Committee, DJ Gavana, and Kumquat.  The conference theme is “Dance Music Sex Romance,” and our performance and presentation explores some of the questions and challenges raised by electronic dance music to the sexual body.

Check out the conference website for details on the conference and check out our cool flier for more information about the presentation, “Embodying Electronic Dance Music Cultures.”

14 December


Well, I tried out Nicecast tonight and mixed for about an hour.  Nicecast is shoutcasting software from Rogue Amoeba — it basically uploads a sound signal from your computer to the internet, “broadcasting” it like a radio station.  I was mixing on my turntables and sending the signal from my mixer (Rane TTM-56 if anyone is wondering; it’s about 9 years old) to the sound card on my computer (crappy M-Audio Audiophile Firewire box but it does the job) and through Nicecast, which turned it into an mp3 stream (you can set the bitrate) and broadcast it through port 8000, giving me a URL at the click of a button.  It took me a few tries to figure out that I had to open up that port on my router, but once I did that, I was broadcasting.  I pasted the link in facebook and twitter; according to the software I wound up with 19 listeners!  Not a ton but that’s way more than I thought I’d have.  One buddy told me the signal cut out quite a few times; apparently your upload speed will be better if you turn off bittorrent.  whoops!

It was way too easy; I am going to be doing this again frequently, I think.  Paired with a No-IP free DNS pointer, it’s an instant radio station!  I’ll announce on twitter when I’m broadcasting, but if you’re dying to check I’ll be using this URL: (eventually I’ll add a link for this).

And if you’re still waiting for that SCS.3D review, it’s coming soon… if you just want the short version: ho-hum.  Pretty cool but there may be better things you can do with your $250.  Peace

2 April


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