free scratchfodder

Getting sick of scratching that “aaahhh” sound over and over again? Super Duck Breaks no longer doing it for ya? Thanks to the ubiquity of digital DJing solutions, you no longer need to wait for someone to make a scratch record pressing that South Park sample you love so much on wax. Jamie Dubs (who is behind the Free Art and Technology lab) has made a couple of break records available in mp3 format, including the terrific Internet Meme Breaks, which you can see him scratching in the video at the link. You too can make your own breaks records using found audio from various sources available on the internet. The One Laptop per Child initiative (OLPC) may have blown it by selling out to Microsoft, but they have nevertheless started something really cool with their free sound sample library, which we have a permanent link to on this blog. And if you’re looking for a searchable topic index of samples of politicians saying stupid things, look no further than GAUDI, the new audio search engine from google focused on political videos and sounds. And of course the Internet Audio Archive from is a great source of public domain audio material from public service announcements to poetry readings to Grateful Dead shows and who knows what else. Happy scratching!

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