born rich?

When I’m really bored I sometimes check out, an amusing blog of expensive gadgets and toys for the conspicuous consumer. So check out these speakers: beautiful, and a steal at $21,600. Even more enlightening is reading the market-speak that accompanies such products: The “conceptual superiority of an open baffle”? That must explain why I’m openly baffled at the cost of these things. But if that seems cheap to you, perhaps you’re in the market for a set of these babies from Acapella Audio Arts. No word on pricing yet, but if they’re anything like the other fine items produced by Acapella, expect them to be upwards of $150k. Yeah really, for a set of speakers.

But as a DJ I was drawn to this piece, touted as “the best mixing table money can buy.” Are you kidding me? I mean, it’s cool looking and all, and it could be nice to have the speaker stands built into the unit, but there’s no easy place to stack vinyl, and no laptop stand or easy way to attach one. The light show seems like an unnecessary gimmick. I’m sure for 3300 euro they’ll custom fit your equipment but what happens when you upgrade your mixer? Ah well; I built my DJ stand out of an old countertop and a metal saw horse for under $50 so call me old fashioned….

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