recession? where?

Hey NBS, I’ll make a deal with you.  I’ll write a review of your new speakers right here on if you send me a pair.  Awww come on, whaddya say?  You know you really want me to hear a set of these speakers.  And at a mere 200,000 USD I should just buy them myself; in this economy, I can hardly afford not to have them, right?  Sheesh.  And lest you think there’s no competition on this end of pro audio, check out these babies for the same price, and these beauties for five bucks cheaper.  But if you must know, it’s the Acapella Excaliburs I truly lust for, the cheapest of the lot at only $170k.  Jeez, who buys these things?  Audiojunkies has a quick rundown of the world’s 15 sexiest loudspeakers, most of which will set you back 5-6 figures.

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