mp3 mixes

Below are some links to mp3s of my mixes.  They are large files, each about 40 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes long.  Enjoy!

  • Woozy Braps for Great Justice - this is the latest mix I’ve done (not including some burning shithead mayhem) and probably the most eclectic… a little bubble gum rock n roll, a little lounge, a little electro, and a lotta dubstep 
  • Dance While You May - About a year old; this started as a short breaks mix at Scratch Academy for the 151 class and developed into an extended breaks/drum n bass mix with some other goodies thrown in (and one song I never shoulda played, see if you can guess which).
  • Carnaval of Batman - This one is a couple years old I think … a little ethnic percussion oriented house and electronic … there’s sort of a train wreck in there but I try to ignore it; most of the mix is pretty good ;)
  • Che’s Lounge - Slow and loungy, this dates back to 2003 I think, and still may be one of my best recorded mixes.

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