mojo risin at namm

mr mojo risin

Well I didn’t make it to NAMM but have been paying close attention to what has been announced; the big news for many is the Serato-Ableton announcement that we’ve been on the edges of our seats about for well over a year now.  CDM has the rundown and a fervent discussion; you can find more details about most of the new toys at scratchworx and djtechtools, among other DJ news sites.  Items that stand out include American Audio’s all-in-one sound card and MIDI controller VSM4 — check videos at scratchworx.  They say street price will be $500 (though their website says 699); either way you get a lot of kit for that.  Looks great for Traktor but no word if it will work on Serato ITCH for those excited about “the Bridge,” which Serato and Ableton say is only part one of their relationship.

There’s a lot of other cool shit - new phono cartridges from an Ortofon/Serato love-in, a $2599 4-channel 2-computer pioneer-lookin mixer from Rane, a new controller from Numark that looks like a tabletop CD player, a new KAOS pad, a spaceship-looking turntable controller from OTUS, etc.  Read the rundowns at the above sites if you want to drool over more toys; chances are if you’re reading this you’ve probably already done that.

And for all of us who couldn’t make it, they have preserved on youtube this panel at Wham Bamm Thank You NAMM — moderated by Peter Kirn of CDM and including several controllerism visionaries including Justin Boreta and EdIT of Glitch Mob, Richard Devine, Moldover, and more.  And Part 4 of the video features a discussion of what I think is the coolest controller to come out of this, Moldover’s Mojo.  The Mojo won’t be cheap (20 of them will go at $1799, and they will go fast I’m sure) but it will definitely be a hell of a lot of fun — arcade buttons, toggle switches, faders, and touch strips all ergonomically arranged for maximum devastation.  You can check videos of Moldover playing early versions of the Mojo on youtube as well.  Wow, just wow.

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