dascratch — stanton’s secret touchpad controller for DJs

Well, this is supposed to be hush hush, but I got a flyer in the mail from Guitar Center so I suppose nobody will sue me for mentioning this a week early.  Coming September 19th, Stanton will be taking orders for DaScratch – a touchpad based MIDI controller for DJs.  At about $300 MSRP this should be affordable for many DJs - certainly a lot cheaper than Stanton’s current offerings in this arena, and possibly more useful.  The website and flyer are thin on details (and there’s a surprising dearth of information available on the internet about it), but a quick look at the interface suggests you’ll be able to set this baby up to mix and scratch using software like Traktor or Serato by dragging your fingers around the touchpad.  The brochure suggested you could use your fingers in a circular motion, up and down, back and forth, or tap your fingers to control it; I assume there may be some multitouch capabilities as well, and with a release date of September 19th, we’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the wild than Scott Hobbs’ very promising looking Attigo TT touchpad turntable, which is still in development.  I’m waiting to see what kind of software Stanton will support with this thing — if there is a way to use this with Serato I will be picking one up for sure.  

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  2. djproben Says:

    They posted another video of the DaScratch in action. It does indeed allow you to scratch the record using the touchpad as I had hoped:

    One thing about all this though: Earth to Stanton Marketing department — lose the damn name of this product! Come up with something less pandering, or just use the model number. But are you kidding me with “dascratch”?

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